Sessions at Java One 2017 where I’m speaking

Deep Learning and Image Recognition for Java Developers [BOF2830]

Deep learning provides state-of-the-art image recognition that can be used for tasks such as object recognition, automatic image classification, and tagging. Application domains include augmented reality, visual search, medical imaging, advertising, and more. This session presents a tool for building image recognition solutions based on deep learning and the NetBeans platform. The tool can also be integrated with the NetBeans IDE to provide an out-of-the box deep learning solution for Java developers. The session is intended for developers interested in the development of Java applications that require advanced image recognition. Participants will get the basics of image recognition with deep learning and how to implement it in their Java applications.

Machine Learning for Java Developers in 45 Minutes [CON2977]

This session clarifies and defines machine learning for Java developers. You’ll learn about its relationship to artificial intelligence (AI) and why machine learning is evolving at such a rapid pace. The session also describes the types of learning styles: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning. You’ll hear about various use cases that are directly suitable for machine learning. Most importantly, the presentation focuses on how Java developers can take advantage of machine learning in their applications. Together with Frank Greco, Chairman, NYJavaSIG